Hi, I'm Hannah!

or Hannahbelle, as my

husband calls me...

I got behind the camera 12 years ago because I was a new Mom who couldn't handle how fast her son was growing up. I was desperate to capture every stage, every moment, every mood...because I knew one day only the pictures would remain of that special time in our lives.

One day, I hope my children and grandchildren will remember not the crazy lady with the camera, but the memories we made and the stories our pictures told. I hope that they can look through books of pictures and bring to mind those moments and the feelings they had and that they never forget how much they were loved.

My Philosophy

Photography is Storytelling

I want to tell your story!
I want to know how you met. I want to know how you proposed. I want to know what it is about each other that you just can't live without. I want to hear your whole story...and then I want to bring it to life with pictures to be part of the sweet legacy you'll leave behind for years to come.

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“"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."”