About hannah

Ever heard the expression "I just want to drink coffee and make pretty things"? That's basically me in a nutshell.

Hi there! I'm Hannah...or, HannahBelle, as my Husband calls me. I was born and raised just outside Los Angeles, I married the Lucas to my Peyton in 2008 and we have two adorable albeit rambunctious boys and one little princess on the way(and the OTH reference might clue you in to how old I really am!). I drink more coffee than is probably healthy, I have more movie and tv quotes memorized than I do actual important information, I'm a huge history nerd and I have just a small amount of OCD.

A few fun facts about me: 1. There is no such thing as too much Disney. Disney movies, Disney music, Disneyland...I'm obsessed. My Husband does not feel the same way...whomp whomp. 2. If I could pick anywhere in the world to live, it would be Hawaii...Oahu, to be exact. That way I've still got a Target, but I get all the pretty too. 3. I used to be a ballerina in a company...I miss dance! My favorite ballet has always been The Nutcracker...I still collect nutcrackers today. 4. I absolutely cannot edit your photos in silence! And while I love music, I usually have Hulu or Netflix playing in the background...there's a pretty good chance I'm working on your galleries with Hawaii Five-0, One Tree Hill, New Girl or Gilmore Girls (the orignal...NOT A Year in the Life!) playing in the background. 5. I can't survive without coffee...and my go-to drink is always a vanilla latte...unless its Red Cup season and I can get a gingerbread latte instead.

I picked up a real camera for the first time when my oldest son wasn't even a year old. I was a new, weepy Mom and my baby was growing too fast...I was desperate to capture every moment so I wouldn't forget it. Turned out I loved it...and what started out as a desire to make memories with my children turned into a desire to make memories for others. Not the stiff, awkward smile memories(although I capture those too!), but the way he makes you laugh or the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles, or how happy you are when you're together. Truth: my favorite images usually end up being the ones that weren't posed and no one is looking...the ones that are real life and the ones that tell your story.