Baby Luke

I have had the honor and the privilege of photographing this family's milestones since their oldest was a baby...I don't take that responsibility lightly! They've entrusted the capturing of all of their most special moments to me and in turn I get to share in the joy of each phase of their lives!

Enter: sweet Luke. Who might be one of the most mellow babies I've ever photographed...and oh man, is he loved! His big sister and big brother are completely in love and already so sweet with him and I can tell they're going to be the best big siblings!

And Luke's nursery is on another level...that amazing and beautiful green feature wall in his room is not only hiding a Murphy bed, but it was designed and built by his Daddy who makes some of the most beautiful wood pieces I've ever seen! But my favorite shots are the ones taken in Mom and Dad's master bedroom...the beautiful light in there is the stuff of my can see for yourself!