Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions

Yet another round of minis that I try to offer every year! These are favorites...I feel like I say that about every mini I offer, but it's true of these...Lemonade Stand were the first minis I ever offered as a photographer! I made the stand myself...and don't ask for a tutorial...I couldn't tell you how I did it even if I wanted to! I am not "handy" in the "building department" and I vividly remember having to return to Lowe's not once BUT TWICE to have the wood re-cut because I measured wrong! It's held up okay over the years and I have big plans for it this Christmas...stay tuned!

LS minis are perfect for kiddos...and once in a while I get the occasional family that comes together...but this year I had my favorite request for LS minis: MATERNITY! In a million years I never would have thought of doing a maternity session with the Lemonade Stand...but the sweetest couple reached out and asked if these minis would work for maternity...and they did! I'm so excited to share the maternity shots and all of the rest! This year was a great LS minis year!