Gavin & Rachel

Now this is a wedding I'm SO excited to share! Why? Because it's the wedding of my brother and my brand new sister-in-law! You may remember how honored I was when my brother asked me to photograph his proposal last year...but I was even more excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding as well!!

And I knew it was going to be a great day when Rachel described her color palette to me and said the main color was "Cinderella blue", YES. And in all my biased honesty, have you ever seen a more stunning bride?! The portraits of Rachel by herself right before the ceremony will probably go down in history as some of my favorite EVER.

And thanks to my husband, I finally got a cameo in one of these blog posts, lol. When the room is full of dudes, I'm usually the only one who knows how to properly pin a boutonniere...and I was definitely not going to miss the chance to pin my brother's on his wedding day! Oh...and those portraits at the end? They were taken in the front yard of the sweet people that lived across the street from the church! They were kind enough to let us shoot there and you'd never even know it was a yard!

It really was a perfect day, celebrating Gavin and Rachel, surrounded by family!

Welcome to the family, Rachel! And congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews!!