Kerianne & Frankie

From my very first meeting with Kerianne and Frankie, I knew two things: first, that they were two of the kindest, most caring people I'd ever met and second, that they were perfectly suited for one another. Kerianne is super sweet and just a little shy and Frankie is warm and personable and they are each other's perfect match. And frankly, I knew we were going to get along great when they expressed to me at our first meeting how important it was to them that I take a break during their reception and EAT!

Hands down, my absolute favorite part of Kerianne and Frankie's wedding day was their ceremony...more specifically, the moment in their ceremony when Frankie called Kerianne's son up and said special vows just to him...and gave him a ring pop! I was holding back tears myself at that moment!

Kerianne and Frankie: I loved meeting you, I love your sweet family and it was an honor to be present at your special day. Congratulations!!