Mandy & Kory

Well, Mandy and Kory have let loose on their secret, so now I can finally share: THEY ELOPED!!! And I got to be there to capture it!

Everyone knows this has absolutely been the craziest year...and when Mandy and Kory got engaged, they knew they wanted to have a big wedding in Turkey, where Kory is from. Knowing that wasn't going to happen anytime soon, they decided to turn their engagement into an elopement! And they chose the prettiest courthouse in all of California to elope...from the beautiful trees and greenery to the stunning architecture, there's is an unlimited amount of places for pretty pictures! About halfway through portraits, we were approached by a security guard and asked if we wanted to take some photos up in the tower...since that's been closed all year due to covid, we were like, "heck yes!" It was such a cool opportunity for them on their wedding day and we ended up with great photos as a result. So cool!

After their ceremony and portraits, we headed down to the beach for a tiny reception, with cake and champagne! Mandy and Kory really only had one question for me: could they bring their dogs? And the answer to that question is ALWAYS YES. Tank and Dozer are their family and made their day that much more special!