Rachel & Curtis

Rachel and Curtis are two of the kindest people I've ever met! And if I hadn't already known that firsthand, I'd be able to figure it out simply by witnessing the amount of friends and family that helped them make their wedding day what it was...so. many. people. showed up early to help set up decorations, get food ready and help in any way necessary. It was so wonderful to watch these two be seriously loved on by everyone in their lives...I can promise you that no two people deserved it more than them!

DIY took on whole new meaning with this wedding! Rachel and Curtis spent so much time scouring thrift shops for the perfect pieces and they found some serious gems! My personal favorite was the vintage ironing board they used for their sweetheart table! But each decoration was so carefully chosen and thought out; from the moment the guests stepped in to the church, to when they took their seats at the reception, everything they saw was purposefully and perfectly designed.

My favorite part of this wedding day, hands down, was Rachel and Curtis's sweet prayer together before the ceremony! They had their hearts set on an evening wedding in the winter and Curtis did not want to see Rachel until she was walking down the aisle...which meant that any portraits and most of their photos with family and friends would be taken in the dark. But, they wanted to make sure that their prayer together before the ceremony was photographed, so Curtis kept his eyes closed and they met for a few minutes on the church's front steps before the sun went down. I didn't need to say a word to them...they did their own thing and the result was some of my favorite images from the whole evening!

Congratulations, Rachel and Curtis! Getting to witness the #taylorstietheknot was truly an honor and I enjoyed every second!