Taylor & Victor

I am convinced that there are no two people more suited to one another than Taylor and Victor! Lucky for me, they were friends before they were clients and so I've had the honor of watching them grow together. They both have the kindest hearts for others and for each other...and their wedding was a picture perfect example of just how much they've touched the lives of the people around them.

Taylor and Victor's wedding day was what I like to call an "all hands on deck" situation...every last detail was put in place by a friend or family member, whether handmade or home-baked or just the gift of time. Watching the people closest to them working hard to pull off a truly beautiful and unique "Best Day Ever" was a testament to how special these two really are..as individuals and as a couple!

Hands down, my favorite part of Taylor and Victor's wedding day was their First Look. As a wedding photographer, one of the honors I'm given is getting to be present for a private moment that friends and family aren't usually there to witness. I'll never forget the love on Victor's face seeing how beautiful Taylor looked in her dress or how a wave of calm instantly came over Taylor just by being in Victor's presence. It was a beautiful moment!

Taylor and Victor, being present to capture your special day was truly an honor...thank you for letting me #partywiththePe├▒as!